How Did Jesus Teach Us To Pray?

Did Jesus ever teach how we should pray? If so, what is the way that Jesus wants us to pray?The Lord’s Prayer? Most Bibles have the phrase “The Lord’s Prayer” where Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. This was there idea. The must have seen how frequent and intense Jesus’ prayers were and deep, intimate relationship He had with the Father. That came through prayer and the disciples wanted that! Incidentally, Jesus never utters a prayer for us to repeat. There is no record of Him doing th … [Read more...]

The Lord’s Prayer- Meaning and Lessons From The Our Father Prayer

Is the Lord’s Prayer one that is to be repeated or is this a lesson on how to pray?  What can we learn from Jesus’ showing the disciples how to pray?Jesus Prays In Luke 11 Jesus tells the disciples how to pray.  Don’t you want to know how to pray effectively to God?  Surely you do.  Jesus is teaching them how to pray and so here is how to pray to God as taught by Jesus.  The first thing we note in what is commonly called the Lord’s Prayer is how the disciples saw Jesus praying.  In Luke 11:1 … [Read more...]