Can The Bible Save My Marriage?


Can we find help in the Bible to save a marriage? Can the Bible give us guidance for this? Marriage is… Marriage is not a contract as some incorrectly state. Marriage is a covenant that is until death do they part. There are biblical exceptions of course like ongoing, unrepentant adultery and also violence to one of the marriage partners and/or the children and if this occurs, it should result in severe fines and imprisonment but in the beginning, marriage was designed to be permanent and last … [Read more...]

Top 7 Bible Verses For A Failing Marriage

Bible Verses For A Failing Marriage

In the beginning God created heaven and earth, but he also created marriage as a blessing for men and women. He established matrimony as the coming together of opposites, like the earth and the sky, so that a husband and wife could compliment each other perfectly. The Lord knew that a couple could love, encourage, support and help one another. Sometimes their weaknesses, hurts and habits get in the way of their relationships, though, and marriages begin to fail. This breaks his heart, as God … [Read more...]

Should Non-Christians Be Allowed To Marry In A Church?

Should a non-Christian couple be allowed to be married in a church?  What about a pastor marrying a couple where both are non-believers?  Is this wrong?Being Unequally Yoked The Bible is clear that believers are not to be yoked or tied together with unbelievers. This does not mean that Christians cannot have Christian friends but surely our closest friends should be those from the Body of Christ, the church.  This command to not be unequally yoked means more than just being yoked or bound to … [Read more...]

Should Christians Live Together Before Marriage?

Is Soul Sleep Biblical

No matter where you are in the world, attitudes and beliefs about marriage differ. This has resulted in many couples living together without being married. Many Christian couples are now deciding that they will do the same. The reason for this is unclear, but one thing is for certain, Christians are adopting the beliefs and practices of the world in increasing numbers. With this in mind, Christians should know the answer to the question, “Should Christians live together before marriage?”The d … [Read more...]

Top 7 Bible Verses About Relationships

Bible Verses About Relationships

Christianity is first and foremost about a relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is not about religion.  What Bible verses can help us to understand about having a godly relationship with God and with others?Having a Right RelationshipIsaiah 59:2 "Your iniquities have separated you from your God; And your sins have hidden His face from you, So that He will not hear."Christianity is not about religion or rituals but about having a right relationship with God.  Sin has separated us from G … [Read more...]

5 Biblical Reasons to Not Have Sex Outside of Marriage

God warns us about the consequences of our sins.  What are biblical consequences of having sex outside of marriage?The Two Become One Whether someone likes it or not, when someone has sexual relationships outside of marriage, they are not only sinning against God or against their spouse, but they are actually sinning against their own body.  When a person has sex outside of marriage, whoever they have sex with, they are joined together with that person and the two become one.  That the two b … [Read more...]