Who Was Rahab The Harlot In The Bible? A Character Study


Who was Rahab the Harlot? Why is she even mentioned in the Bible and actually listed in the genealogies of Jesus Christ? Who was Rahab? Rahab was a harlot or prostitute who helped to shelter Joshua’s men when they came to spy out the land of Jericho. She openly defied the orders of Jericho’s king and actually misdirected the king’s men who were trying to find the spies who had infiltrated the city-state of Jericho. She helped Joshua’s men to escape by climbing down the wall from a rope extende … [Read more...]

7 Of My Favorite Women in the Bible


Let me tell you about 7 of my favorite women in the Bible. You may have different favorites for special reason and so we may not agree on these. These 7 women stand out for different reasons. We could include so many more women of faith in the Bible and you may favor different ones than I have listed here, but see why these 7 women of the Bible are my favorites.Mary, Mother of Jesus This woman was about the most humble and submissive servants of God mentioned in the Bible. Mary was … [Read more...]