Why Is The Tribe Of Dan Missing From The Book Of Revelation?

Why did the Tribe of Dan go missing in the Book of Revelation when all the other tribes are mentioned?The Tribes in Revelation When the Apostle John wrote the Book of Revelation, which was really Jesus’ revelation and not his own (Rev 1:1-2), why was the tribe of Dan not mentioned along with the other tribes? John writes in Revelation 7:4-8; “And I heard the number of the sealed, 144,000, sealed from every tribe of the sons of Israel: 12,000 from the tribe of Judah were sealed, 12,000 from t … [Read more...]

What Is The Purpose Of The Book Of Revelation? A Bible Study

Why did John write the Book of Revelation, or did he? What is the purpose behind this book?The Author The Book of Revelation isn’t really the Apostle John’s revelation but Jesus Christ’s, the Author of Life itself (Acts 3:15) and although John wrote it, the very first two sentences tell us Who the actual author is as it says, “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his servants the things that must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant J … [Read more...]

Why Did The Bible Stop Being Written At Revelation?

Why did the Book of Revelation need to be the last book of the Bible? Was there a reason it was placed last?Whose Revelation is it? The Book of Revelation is not the Apostle John’s book but “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his servants the things that must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who bore witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, even to all that he saw” (Rev 1:1-2). John was only the one … [Read more...]

What Is The Apocalypse In The Bible?

What is the Apocalypse mentioned in the Bible? Why is it important enough to know?The Apocalypse The word apocalypse doesn’t appear in most translations but the word revelation does. For example, the Greek word for revelation is “apokalypsis” which means “laying bare, making naked,” or “revealing” something like a curtain opening so that what is behind the curtain can be seen. In the Book of Revelation, the Apostle John writes that Jesus Christ is the One Who does the revealing “The revelati … [Read more...]

What Does Revelation Mean? A Biblical Definition of Revelation

What does the word “revelation” mean? What is the context of this word in the Bible and what is a biblical definition of revelation?Revelation is… The word revelation simply means a revealing of something or someone. It is to reveal what was before hidden. It’s like opening a curtain or a door and seeing what is behind it. The automakers make a revelation of their new models each fall and what was previously hidden is hidden no longer when it is revealed for all to see. Revelation then is th … [Read more...]

What Does The Pale Horse Mean Or Represent In The Book Of Revelation?

The pale horse in the Book of Revelation has been a mystery for many. What does it mean or represent? The Seven Seals and Jesus Olivet Prophecy The Book of Revelation is heavy with symbolism and in the sixth chapter of Revelation, the Seven Seals are mentioned. I think there is a strong correlation between what happens in these seven seals and the Olivet Prophecy of Jesus in Matthew chapter 24. In the first place, the number seven is the number of completion or perfection in the Bible and so … [Read more...]