Why We Are Losing So Many Churches In The United States?

What are some of the reasons that churches in the U.S. are losing members?  What can be done to stop this bleeding?  How can you help?The Decline of the American Church You might not be surprised that Brazil is the number one receiving nation of foreign missionaries in the world but you might be surprised about who is the 2nd most missionary receiving nation in the world.  It is the U.S.   Why?  In a recent sermon, Pastor James McDonald from Walking in the Word Ministries revealed these … [Read more...]

Biblical Judgment: What Could it Look Like For the United States?

We are living in perilous times with the present American economy but there is also crime, violence, regular abortions and more.  What would a biblical judgment on the U.S. look like?  How could we tell if God is going to judge America or if He already is?God is Judge Over All Nations The Bible is clear that God is the Judge of all nations but just because He hasn’t judged a nation doesn’t mean that He won’t.   Clearly, God is over all the earth and this includes all nations as Psalm 82:9 sa … [Read more...]

What Should the U.S. Do About Syria? A Nation Divided

What should the U.S. do about Syria?   Should America try and arm the rebels?  Should the U.S. only do airstrikes or should the nation stay out of it altogether?  What do you think about America being the “police of the world?”Seriousness in Syria The civil war between rebels and the Syrian government is similar to that of Egypt and looking at the results of the overthrowing of the Egyptian regime, there is no guarantee that a new, rebel-led government would be any more stable than what they … [Read more...]