Top 7 Bible Verses About Trust In Marriage

The Bible is not a marriage handbook, but it certainly gives a lot of information on how to be a good spouse. This is not to say that the Bible gives explicit instructions on how to do this. Rather, it gives general guidelines in a broad sense, while exhorting Christians to be godly people who follow Christ. With that being said, as we examine the Holy Scriptures we will be able to ascertain how to be more trustful in our marriages. Here are the top 7 Bible verses about trust in … [Read more...]

Top 7 Bible Verses About Farmers Or Related To Farming

Being a very large book, you could imagine that the Bible talks about numerous subjects. Although it’s central purpose and message is about what Jesus did on the cross and God’s redemptive work for mankind. It’s definitely theological in nature, but in attempting to convey its message, the numerous authors of Scripture use illustrations of common things like sports, farming, marriage, and daily activities. This is one of the reasons that the Bible is so marvelous; it can use common language to ex … [Read more...]

Top 7 Bible Verses About Finding A Job

Looking for and finding a good job can be very daunting in today’s economy for individuals of all walks of life. I recently found myself unemployed and looking for a new job, and I have to share that it was a very difficult and lengthy process. Even though I had a good resume, several academic degrees, and a lot of experience, it took me quite a while to find the great job that I have now. The Lord provided for my every need, though, and the following top 7 Bible verses about finding a job e … [Read more...]

Top 7 Bible Verses About Missions

A mission is defined as an important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel. Another definition is the vocation or calling of a religious organization, especially a Christian one, to go out into the world and spread its faith, and that is the one I want to focus on. As a Christian, I have been saved by God’s grace, love, and mercy, and my corresponding love for him compels me to want to share that good news with others. So here are my t … [Read more...]

7 Bible Verses For Perfectionists To Study

Striving for perfection has been the downfall of many of us over the years, as it is impossible to do everything right all of the time. Typically, trying to be perfect just leads to frustration and disappointment in oneself and perhaps even a judgmental attitude towards others who do not meet your expectations either. God’s word tells us that we have all sinned, so we all need God. When we realize our weaknesses and call out to the Lord for help, then we can become all that He wants us to be. K … [Read more...]

Top 7 Bible Verses About Change

  In literary studies one of the most important elements in reading is that of characterization (figuring out the personality of a particular character or characters). Every work of literature has characters in it, so this is clearly an important process. Interestingly, there are generally two types of characters: dynamic (round) or static (flat) characters. To save you the trouble of having to learn more about both, just know that dynamic characters go through some type of change … [Read more...]