No Anthropomorphic God? Now What?

I spoke last week about false hope implicit in an anthropomorphic God. It boiled down to this: I don’t believe that God, the magic god, exists; God is not a Father or a Lord, though I think we can, and inevitably do, describe God in those ways. This week several people said to me in [Read More…]

False Hope and Beauty in an Anthropomorphic God

We speak of a conscious god, one with feelings like sorrow, anger, and joy. We speak of a just god, one who demands moral behavior and forgives moral breaches, one who speaks and gets His way. But is that true? Is there really a god like that or do we simply want that to be [Read More…]

The Straw Man and the Arrogant Modernist

God save me from smug, ill informed, modernists who spend their time deconstructing faith thinking that they know what is true. The latest, and conceivably the worst, contribution to this genre being Divinity of Doubt by Vincent Bugliosi. It makes me angry because, while they legitimately dismiss the mythic constructs of faith formed in pre-modern [Read More…]

In Our Backyard, a Christian Perspective on Human Trafficking

You’ve seen them, the storefronts, or 2nd floor windows that say, “Massage – ‘Vaguely Asian Sounding Name’ Spa, the neon sign says Open, the hours are 10 AM to 2 AM with no appointment is necessary.” Of course some of them dress it up a bit with a reflexology chart in the window, but really [Read More…]

A Little Hope and . . .

There have been some moments of hope this week. I published an op-ed piece in response to the mono-dimensional response our politicians offered up when we killed Osama bin Laden. The piece appeared in both in the Commuter Times and in the Marin IJ. I posted it on and Then I used much [Read More…]

Justice is Served?

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. I get the horror, the shock, and the grief. I get the humiliation, the fear, the anger and I certainly get the desire to eradicate evil – or at least the person in whom evil takes root. I understand the elation and the pride that follows a job [Read More…]

What if There Were No Religions?

What if there were no religions? I like John Lennon as much as the next guy, but this line had to be his low point. Nevertheless, it’s still alive. I saw it on a bumper sticker: What if there were no religions? I can understand wanting a world without the Santa Claus god – the [Read More…]

Why Isn’t It Cool to Be a Christian?

It’s just not cool to be a Christian. I went to Integral Spiritual Experience, (ISE) over the New Year – 500 people from about 30 countries, representing dozens of religious traditions. Studying, practicing, talking with these people, deepened my decidedly Christian faith. Still, I was knocked off balance by the following, recurring conversation. “What do [Read More…]

Please, let’s not confuse forgiveness and reconciliation

I’ve mentioned the Pastor’s occupational hazard – more often than not, when I mention my vocation, people either get uncomfortable and change the subject, or launch into a diatribe about the ways in which Christianity is all wet. (I usually end up agreeing with them because I think the common public conception of Christianity is [Read More…]

Loss of Meaning

The tragedies in Marin have been piling up these last few weeks. Two teenagers committed suicide, there was a horrifying drunk driving accident, a stabbing, and that’s just the stuff I know about. I’ve been impressed with the impromptu responses all over the county, but they have left a question in my mind. The initial [Read More…]