Good People; Eroding Ethics?

In 1938 Nicolas Winton, a stock broker, took a two week vacation from his home in England to Czechoslovakia. Those two weeks were spent productively. He ended up saving the lives of 669 mostly Jewish children from certain death in the Nazi camps. An apparently humble man, he didn’t even mention the effort to his [Read More...]

Hey, We’re Chrsitians Too, Two

It’s interesting to me that Brooks did not speak to the progressive Christian community. Why? Maybe he just thinks we should just keep on keeping on, but I wonder if he doesn’t sense some power there that he doesn’t see in our neck of the woods. I wrote a post some years ago, “An Open [Read More...]

Hey, We’re Christians Too

I’d like to think that New York times columnist, David Brooks, reads my blog but I know it’s not true. (Right David?) His recent column The Next Culture War, is gently, respectfully asking the church to move on – to stop fighting about sex. He offers strategic rather than principled reasoning for his request; he [Read More...]

How to Grow Up (or at least free up)

I wondered what they thought at the next table. Dr. Waetjen was quite exorcized when he said it: you’ve got to decide which is primary, which gets priority – being or becoming. A non-theologian probably isn’t going to understand that, but I swear, everyone needs to understand it. You can start from that “sin” place [Read More...]

SIN: Has the Church Abdicated?

In writing more on this blog I’ve been finding my voice in a different way. I’ve been a preacher for 20 years. I love preaching. I live for it really, but not doing it for some time I find that in this role, my voice has changed. That happens when you’re a preacher, but it [Read More...]

What the Pope Said About Charleston

News cycles being what they are, it seems that the Pope’s encyclical on the environment didn’t get the play it might have if there hadn’t been an eruption of hatred from the racist volcano last Wednesday night in Charleston. That’s how I think of it, an eruption of something that is active and insidious but [Read More...]

Must We Talk About the confederate Flag?

Do we really have to listen to arguments about whether the confederate flag, (deliberate typo), over South Carolina’s Capitol should come down? It’s a smoke screen. It shouldn’t take up any air time at all. We’ve got more important things to address. Don’t get me wrong; it should definitely come down, but that should’ve been [Read More...]

Escape, Freedom, and Pleasure

I just found out I’m preaching again on July 4th weekend. Sure enough every year it rolls around, and even when I’m not installed as the preacher in a particular congregation, I find that I’m asked to sub in for someone on vacation. What do you preach about? Freedom of course. It’s such a juicy [Read More...]

You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself

It breaks my heart but I keep doing it. It breaks my heart but I keep on reading the news . . . for a long time every day. I haven’t been doing it forever. Sometimes I’ll go months without really paying attention but there has been something about the mood of society, something about [Read More...]

Felt Crushed, But I Got It

I preached at a Center for Spiritual Living last Sunday and I learned that the church has a serious image problem. I’m usually game to try and recover that image, to use my voice to gently prod the church in a direction that will offer good news in a way that can be heard, but [Read More...]