Confessing Christianity’s Corporate Sin Against the Jewish People

A supersessionist view of the Christian covenant might have made some little sense in a mythic worldview, but never made any moral sense. The time has long since come for Christians to drop such an arrogant claim. It has contributed to extraordinary suffering and eroded any moral authority we might think we have. In that [Read More…]

Romans IX – It’s Very Close

Romans IX – It’s Very Close  (Audio Right Click to Download) [Read more…]

Evolution and Faith VIII – Meet Me in Galilee

Beauty and new life emerge out of the chaos of the cross. Beauty and new life emerge from the challenges and chaos of creation itself – same thing. But how are we to live into that possibility? How are we to live with hope as we develop and evolve? The entire Gospel of Mark was [Read More…]

Evolution and Faith VII – Death of the Church

Evolution and Faith VII – Death of the Church (Audio Right Click to Download) Mark 15:33-37 The Fourth Word at the Good Friday Service When it was new, darkness came over the whole land until it was three in the afternoon. At three o’clock Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabbachthani,” [Read More…]

Evolution and Faith VI–Evolution Happens in Stress

Evolution happens in all facets of life, but let’s take personal growth for a moment. The shame we hide – that we all hide – keeps us from the creative love we need. Evolution and Faith VI–Evolution Happens in Stress  (Audio Right Click to Download) Evolution and Faith VI – Stress Drives Evolution Luke 19:28-44; [Read More…]

Evolution and Faith IV–Ethical Imperative

The creative power of God is operating in the evolution of all things – Cultural Evolution, Biological Evolution, Spiritual Evolution, Moral Evolution, Economic Evolution, just to name a few. Spirit responds to stress or pain in a system and creates what is new out of the death of the old, transcending and including what went [Read More…]