Divesting in Israel? Not Before We Confess Our Own Sin

Last week the Presbyterian Church (USA), of which I am a member, did two things of note. First, it gave me and my colleagues permission to perform same gender weddings. I would have done them anyway if I’d been asked, but it’s nice to know that now I won’t be tried for heresy or whatever [Read More…]

Evolutionary Christianity I – Power to Become Children of God

Abstract The sermon claims that the central event of Christian faith – Cross and Resurrection – is descriptive of the evolutionary process of all creation. What comes from the death is something new and unexpected – novel – like the property of flow that came out of the union of 2 Hydrogen atoms and an [Read More…]

A Response to Tony Jones’ Question: What’s Good About Integral Theory?

  Thanks for asking. A full answer would take a book – one I’ve made several false starts at writing. So let me point to three ideas that came to mind as I read your post. First is Ken Wilber worship, and its flip side, Ken Wilber hatred. I figure anyone who generates that kind [Read More…]