Evolutionary Christianity II – Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up

Abstract Building on the first sermon of the series, which claimed that the core of Christian faith – cross and resurrection – is descriptive of the evolutionary process, this sermon suggests how that might impact our theological language. It puts traditional understandings of the Doctrine of Salvation, the Doctrine of Sanctification and Eschatology side by [Read More…]

Evolutionary Christianity I – Power to Become Children of God

Abstract The sermon claims that the central event of Christian faith – Cross and Resurrection – is descriptive of the evolutionary process of all creation. What comes from the death is something new and unexpected – novel – like the property of flow that came out of the union of 2 Hydrogen atoms and an [Read More…]

A Response to Tony Jones’ Question: What’s Good About Integral Theory?

  Thanks for asking. A full answer would take a book – one I’ve made several false starts at writing. So let me point to three ideas that came to mind as I read your post. First is Ken Wilber worship, and its flip side, Ken Wilber hatred. I figure anyone who generates that kind [Read More…]