Five Reasons Churches Need to “Come Out” on LGBTQ Rights

Our entire family, including my wife, Rev. Amy Piatt, and my two kids, took part in the Portland Gay Pride parade this weekend. We stood on a float in the rain and waved to thousands of people lining the streets, from the park blocks to the riverfront. It truly was a joyful day, but of [Read More…]

“Ham on Nye” Debate Doesn’t Reflect Reality

Whenever I hear about someone else making a case for New Earth Creationism in the name of Christianity, I’m embarrassed, once again, to associate myself with them. And people wonder why many of us prefer to identify as “Jesus followers” or “Spiritual but not Religious” rather than be lumped in with the Ken Hams of [Read More…]

You Are Included! (Heretic’s Guide)

Following is taken from the weekly Heretic’s Guide to the Bible lectionary study. Special thanks to David Ackerman, author of Beyond the Lectionary, for providing this study. Who is excluded in today’s church?  For many years, women, people of color, and gays and lesbians were actively excluded from full participation in the church’s life.  While [Read More…]

Roger Olson’s Not a Process Theologian (But He Should Be)

(Offered by guest Blogger Philip Clayton, Ingraham Professor of Theology at Claremont School of Theology. Clayton earned a joint PhD in Religious Studies and Philosophy from Yale University and has held visiting appointments at Harvard University, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Munich. He has published over 20 books and hundreds of academic and [Read More…]

How Financial Guru Dave Ramsey Missed the Mark

I love Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace coursework. It put our family on stable financial footing years ago, and Amy and I never fight about financial matters any more. We find plenty of other things to fight about, but that’s a different post, I suppose… Ramsey has come under fire recently for a list of “Rich [Read More…]

Looking Where Prophets Point

I will be concluding my Heretic’s Guide to the Bible weekly online study at the end of this calendar year. But while I’m still at it, I figured I’d share a sample from the study for this week. First Reading Isaiah 11:1-10 The prophet offers a vision of hope to the people of Israel, who [Read More…]

Banned Questions About Christians: The Contributors

I am excited about, and very proud of, the coming release of the third book in my “Banned Questions” series, Banned Questions About Christians.  in a recent blog post, I listed the 50 questions my team of respondents and I take on in this volume. In this post, I’m pleased to share the names and [Read More…]

Banned Questions About Christians: The Questions

I’m excited to announce that my next book in the Banned Questions book series, “Banned Questions About Christians,” is available for pre-order at Chalice Press and Amazon. These books ship by year’s end, but I wanted to offer a preview of the questions we will take on in this, the third volume in the series! Please check [Read More…]