Sikh Calls for Peace Reminiscent of Amish Shooting Response


I, like most people, was deeply troubled by news of another mass shooting, this time at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee. This, on the heels of the tragic massacre in Aurora, Colorado, seemed all the more savage to me, given that it took place in a house of worship. [Read More...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume 25

So many ways to take this. None of them good.

That’s right, we’ve reached the quarter-of-a-hundred mark with our church sign posts. And you know what that means…do you? Seriously, because I have no clue. Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol XXIV Church Sign Epic Fails, Christian T-Shirt Edition Church Sign Epic Fails: “Festival of Tolerance” Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume XXI Church Sign Epic [Read More...]

Jesus Phelps: Why Miracles Aren’t Enough


I was fascinated by Jesus’ miracles as a kid. I pictured him alongside the Green Lantern and Batman stickers, adorning my canary yellow toy box. There he’d be, fists on his hips, a giant, red “J” on his chest and his long, blond locks, flowing in the wind. It’s Super-Jesus! The older I’ve gotten, the [Read More...]