Exploding Whales, Quiverfull Scandals and Scary Russians (CultureCast)

Yes, we’re late on getting this post-Easter show out. Whaddaya want, your money back? As we try to recover from our collective post-Easter hangovers, the topics range from stomach-turning in the gross sense to stomach turning in the scary sense. Nothing like variety! Andy quizzes the CultureCast team on the best way to remove a [Read More...]

Sarah Palin’s Dying Breed of Christianity

Few of us were surprised when we heard the clip of Sarah Palin making the uncouth and insensitive remark at the National Rifle Association meeting about how “waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”  Clearly she lacks self-awareness or will do or say anything to grab a headline. The unfortunate and disturbing truth is that she [Read More...]

The Supreme Court’s Assault on Democracy

 On January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corporations are persons, bestowing them with the same rights and privileges. Recently, the court lifted the ban on aggregate campaign donations allowing people (human beings or corporations) to donate to an unlimited number of political candidates. Corporations require [Read More...]

Will Corporate America Normalize Gay Marriage?

There was quite a fuss about Coca Cola airing a commercial during the Super Bowl that presented people singing “God Bless America” in various languages. And, to top it off, they even portrayed same-sex couples as families. It wasn’t exactly shocking to see Coke presenting a more pluralistic, harmonious image of the contemporary world today. [Read More...]

Art > Religion? Plus Biometrics, Bowls and Bieber

We’re packing in the content this week. Our first guest is a musical duo,Bettman and Halpin, from out of Denver. They did a gig recently with Christian on his trip to Colorado and the three of them hit it off. Check out clips from their new album, “Diamond,” and hear their thoughts on how art [Read More...]

“It Was a Boy, Wasn’t It?” (Blood Doctrine Prologue)

Click on the book cover above to check out videos about the campaign and sample chapters from the book.

Read more and support the Kickstarter campaign HERE The lights hanging over the young woman’s head were so intense that her eyes began to water. She tried not looking into them, but her only other option was to gaze upon the doctor and nurse there in the makeshift delivery room, or the drawn, silent man [Read More...]

Church Sign Epic…Wins???

Technically a thanksgiving sing, but hey, some of us eat turkey at Christmas. DON'T JUDGE ME!!!

I have never had any shortage of church sign fails, but since I’m in the throes of Advent, I’m feeling particularly magnanimous. So I thought I’d share some particularly awesome sings with you this week. And yeah, it’s also a little bit of penance since I’m two days late getting these out. #PiattFail [Read more...]

Beer and Hymns Invades the Local News

Click on the image to watch the video from the news program.

Here’s a video and a short story on our most recent Beer and Hymns event (called “Hops and Handel” since we presented excerpts from the Messiah) that made Channel 6 News here in Portland. Next Beer and Hymns is on Saturday, Jan 18th from 5-7 PM at First Christian Church. The event is always free. [Read More...]