Survey: 25 Books Every Christian Should Read


Which books (aside from the Bible) should every Christian read? Don’t have to be explicitly Christian books: just things we folks interested in this Jesus guy should have our noses in. Add your favorites, be sure to VOTE for the ones on the list you like, and share this list with others who might enjoy [Read More...]

postChristian: What’s Left? Can We Fix It? Do We Care?


Excited to share the cover of my upcoming book with Jericho Books, called postChristian: What’s Left? Can We Fix It? Do We Care?. The book comes out in hardback August 2014, and following is the working blurb from the Jericho site: Christian Piatt had a Bible (literally) thrown at him when he was kicked out [Read More...]

25 Albums Christians Should Hear (2013)


Most Christians I know tend to shy away from the musical genre known as “Christian music.” partly, it’s because much of the theology points to an understanding of God and faith to which they don’t relate, but it’s also often because much of Christian music has been of a notoriously poor quality. So I asked [Read More...]

Ten Things Christians Should Say More Often


I had a series a while back about the Christian Cliches that we should drop from our lexicon, and since then I’ve had people ask what they should be saying instead. So here’s a list of handy phrases to help bring followers of Jesus into a post-Christendom, 21st-century world. “I’m Sorry.” – There’s plenty of [Read More...]

25 More Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading (Editor’s Picks, 2013)

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I’ve agonized quite a bit while assembling this list. As is the case with anything like this, some great resources and people will be left out. Still, as I reflect on the 25 voices I’ve collected here, I’d argue it’s one amazing roster of practitioners, thinkers, writers and artists. In order to help winnow this [Read More...]

25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading (Readers’ Choice, 2013)


(Check out my Editor’s Picks for 25 Christian Blogs You Should Read HERE) After more than 33,000 hits, 400 nominations and thousands of votes, we have the Reader’s Choice list of 25 Christian Blogs You Should Be reading. I was particularly pleased to see so many women represented in the list this year. Could be [Read More...]

No Girls Allowed

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Following is a reflection that is part of a larger Heretic’s Guide to the Bible something weekly lectionary study. CLICK HERE,  or on the banners at the top or bottom of this post,  to learn more or to become a subscriber.    Summer is a relatively slow time in church life, and as such, it is [Read More...]

Exodus International’s Alan Chambers: Bending History’s Arc


For more than a generation, the gay conversion organization known as Exodus International has been one of the most prominent Christian symbols of LGBT intolerance.  They have practiced what is commonly called “reparative therapy” to supposedly remove the urges of same-sex attraction from those who seek to become straight. I have personally written at great [Read More...]