Breckenridge Bourbon (Angel’s Share Podcast#7)

In today’s show, Patrick and Christian take a virtual trip to Colorado by tasting Breckenridge Bourbon and discuss Christian’s 1st home-brew, a Pale Ale called “Hop On Pop.”   Also learn the meaning behind Angel’s Share (if you don’t already know!), which American maker ships their whiskey to age near the sea and how to nose [Read More...]

Sacrament as Subversion

I have long been intrigued by the concept of Jesus being the third way; offering something different than the church and secular culture. As I learned different interpretations of the crucifixion, I became preoccupied by nonviolent activism and responding to aggression with nonviolent resistance. My latest questions revolve around sacrament. What makes a sacrament? What [Read More...]

F-Bombs, Baptized by Palin, Sad ‘Ole Sterling

Amy starts the show off by talking about F-Bombs left and right. In the echo chamber, the crew discusses Sarah Palin’s recent statement at an NRA rally that waterboarding is how Americans would “baptize” terrorists, were she in charge. This leads into a discussion on the death of Christian hegemony and whether or not labels can (or [Read More...]

What If You Never Prayed Again?


I chatted with Aric Clark, Nick Larson, and Doug Hagler, best known online as Two Friars and a Fool, a blog and podcast about theology and spiritual practice, sexuality, and popular culture. They recently wrote their first book, Never Pray Again: Lift Your Head, Unfold Your Hands and Get to Work. The intentionally provocative title [Read More...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Clothing Optional” Edition

Well, mom always did say to wear a suit to church. Never said it couldn't be my birthday suit!

So I showed up naked to this church and got the weirdest looks. Hey, if you’re gonna make it an option, I’m gonna hold you to it. Better than holding it to you, eh? (Ba dum bum!)   [Read more...]

Being Children of the Darkness …


As children, from wherever the reasons stem, we worry about monsters under our bed or the boogieman in our closet.  We are taught to hate – or at least fear – the darkness.  After all, God calls us to the light.   We are people of the light. In Barbara Brown Taylor’s new book, Learning to [Read More...]

Frank Schaeffer: The God-Believing Atheist


One phrase comes to mind, time and again, when I think of Frank Schaeffer: “THINK AGAIN.” Any time I think I have a handle on things theological, he seems to find the thread, hanging from the edges, and gives it a good, solid yank. Such is the case once again with his newest book, “Why [Read More...]

Exploding Whales, Quiverfull Scandals and Scary Russians (CultureCast)

Yes, we’re late on getting this post-Easter show out. Whaddaya want, your money back? As we try to recover from our collective post-Easter hangovers, the topics range from stomach-turning in the gross sense to stomach turning in the scary sense. Nothing like variety! Andy quizzes the CultureCast team on the best way to remove a [Read More...]