Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume Thirteen

Spellcheck, please!

Yeah, cause polygamy with God is way better than same-sex marriage. [Read more...]

Cherch Sine Epuc Failz: Badd Spellurs Edishun

Ahh, clever wordplay...wonder how many folks get it while driving by at 50 MPH.

The next edition of bad church signs has a theme of its own: bad spelling. A couple of these aren’t even church signs; they’re just too good not to include. Enjoy. [Read more...]

Church Sign Epic Fails: Easter Edition

Why do I like this one so much? Is that wrong?

Not all of these have an Easter theme, but there are a few real gems in here. Bet you can figure out which ones on your own. Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Six Church sign epic fails, part five Church sign epic fails, part four Church sign epic fails, part three More church sign epic [Read More...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Three

Must be a postmodern Christian church

Can’t get enough of the bad church signs. There are just so many of them… [Read more...]