Church Sign Epic Fails, “Take That, Westboro” Edition


For those who have asked me what my brand of “third way” nonviolent engagement for justice looks like…this one’s for you.   [Read more...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Get Behind Me Satin” Edition

Yes, Satin. You smooth, silky, evil temptress. Damn you and your softness. Damn you!!!

I once came up with a spell-check app for church signs, but after a while, it just melted from exhaustion (sihg)…   [Read more...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Beefy Jesus” Edition

I KNEW Jesus was juicing. Now we have proof.

I once challenged Jesus to an arm wrestling match. Jesus had me at first, until I did that Stallone “Over the Top” thing. Then he was toast! [Read more...]