Seven Awesome Gifts from HomeBrewed Christianity for Kickstarter Backers

Thanks to my friend and media co-conspirator, Tripp Fuller, for putting together the following blog post and the new list of added incentives for folks to jump on the Kickstarter campaign for my novel, BLOOD DOCTRINE, in the final days. Feeling confident that, with the help and support of the Homebrewed listeners and my friends [Read More…]

Draft of the BLOOD DOCTRINE Book Cover

This is still a work in progress, but I wanted to share the first iteration of the cover for BLOOD DOCTRINE: Let us know what you think so far. After all, it’s your project too! With nine days to go, we’re past the $6,000 mark and well on our way. But we have to finish [Read More…]

Homebrewed CultureCast: Movies, the Week in Whiteness & Doug Pagitt

The CultureCast crew is on hiatus for a while so the HomeBrewed crew decided to change it up and put out a culture cast as a team effort! First up is Callid and Bo talking about 5 movies coming out this holiday season: American Hustle Anchor Man 2 The Wolf of Wallstreet The Secret Life [Read More…]

Three Paths to Take Here (and two of them are really dumb)

CHECK OUT THE KICKSTARTER PROJECT HERE So, I’m sitting in my dining room, sipping my coffee, smiling as I look over the long and growing list of supporters who, thus far, have backed this project. With about a dozen days yet to go, we are creeping up on 50% raised toward our goal. And while [Read More…]

Blood Doctrine Gets Childish (Video)

My kids put me through the wringer for asking people to support my novel, BLOOD DOCTRINE, on Kickstarter. [Read more…]

Day Two of My Jesus Project: Are We Done Yet?

First, the good news: After four months of preparation, I have officially started my year-long quest to more seriously understand what it means to follow Jesus, AKA “My Jesus Project.” And now the bad news: After today, I still have 363 days left of this. Turns out, Jesus stuff is hard. It’s not even that I’ve [Read More…]

BLOOD DOCTRINE: My Crowd-Funded Novel Project

I’m very excited to announce my first-ever crowd-funded book project. It’s for my first novel, titled BLOOD DOCTRINE. I’ve got a Kickstarter campaign going, and I’m thrilled that, after only an hour of the campaign being live, we’ve raised $500. Check out the full campaign HERE. Or just click the video below or the widget [Read More…]