Where Do Introverts Fit in a Noisy World?

I’m a total introvert. My wife – in fact, the rest of my family – is not. I work most days in an office by myself in the corner of our house, carved out of a part of the old garage. I write, think, read and I have to say I’m pretty damn happy doing [Read More…]

Reframing the Basis of Marriage with Gary Thomas

(I was asked to read and reflect on Gary Thomas’ new book, “The Sacred Search: What if it’s not about who you marry but why?” Following are my thoughts.) My parents got divorced when I was in high school. There are lots of things I could point to that lead to the end of their [Read More…]

Five Misconceptions About Men

Growing up, I looked to my dad as the quintessential definition of what a man was. He was pretty quiet but prone to anger. He worked crazy hours as the primary provider in the house, but still made time to build things nearly every weekend around the house. He had tons of tools, knew everything [Read More…]

We, the Pharisees

I was asked to read and reflect on a portion of Matt Woodley’s new mediation book, “The Gospel of Matthew: God With Us” by InterVarsity Press. I’m always wary of such requests, partly because of my more heterodox approach to scripture. But this latest addition to IVP’s Resonate Series left me with some meat to [Read More…]