Ten Reasons I post Lists

Every once in a blue moon, I get asked why so many of my blog posts are in list-form. So I figured I’d answer that question with…a list of course! Lists are Popular –¬†Every month, between seventy and ninety percent of my most read blog posts are list-related. So tell me: what would you do? [Read More…]

25 Books Every Christian Should Read (Readers’ Results)

I invited my readers to contribute to a list of books they felt every Christian should read. Yes, the Bible is not on here, as I felt that one was kind of obvious and goes without saying. So if you’re a Christian and haven’t read the Bible, find a good companion study guide and start [Read More…]

Survey: 25 Books Every Christian Should Read

Which books (aside from the Bible) should every Christian read? Don’t have to be explicitly Christian books: just things we folks interested in this Jesus guy should have our noses in. Add your favorites, be sure to VOTE for the ones on the list you like, and share this list with others who might enjoy [Read More…]