Why I Won’t Sign a Statement of Faith

I do most of my work by contract, which means I’m usually looking for work. When the time comes for me to put my feelers out for new opportunities, I tend to look far and wide. In doing so, sometimes I come across some unexpected prospects. A couple of years ago, I applied for an [Read More…]

Why the Christian Blog Survey is Freaking Me Out

Last year, I posted an article listing 25 Christian Blogs people should be reading. It actually was a repost from Matthew Paul Turner, which I put on my blog without edits for two reasons: 1. I’m lazy and the list was good, and; 2. I’m a narcissist and I was on his list Since then, [Read More…]

Jonathan Fitzgerald Talks About Your Mom(‘s Morals)

I’ve suggested for some time that one key distinction between modernism and postmodernism is that, whereas modernism values perfection, postmodernism prefers authenticity. Author, blogger, editor and uber-hipster Jonathan D. Fitzgerald more or less agrees with me, so of course, I dig him. I sat down with Jon (and by “sat down,” I mean I emailed [Read More…]