Church Sign Epic Fails, “Biblical Marriage” Edition

I was told to maintain a biblical marriage. Anybody know where I can get me a red tent and some concubines? [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Size Matters” Edition

I was getting all self-conscious that my faith wasn’t big enough, but then God reminded me it’s how you use it that matters more than. Pssshhh! Yeah, whatever. [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “That’s What She Said” Edition

Ahh nothing tastes better than your own foot when it comes to church signs… [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic WINS, “Gosford Anglican” Edition

This church consistently hits them out of the park. Good for them. [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Clothes Fall Off” Edition

Knock knock. Who’s there? Tequila. Tequila who? Tequila is awesome! Until it’s not anymore. [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Lie, Lie Lie” Edition

You know what persuades me toward a particular way of thinking? Watching two groups with opposing ideologies fight about their differences in the public forum…especially on billboards! [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Ugly Relatives” Edition

I walk into church and, all of a sudden, the Queer Eye guys jump out and start giving me a makeover! That Carson is such a character… [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Strip for Me” Edition

I once joined a “Pole Dancing for God” class, but he totally kept telling me he was out of ones and would hit me up next time. Sooo not true. [Read more…]