Church Sign Epic Fails, “Smelly Sheep” Edition

Three benefits to being a sheep: no thinking, no bathing, and all the grass you can handle. Kinda like college! [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Mastur-abater” Edition

So I thought if you masturbate, you’d grow hair on your palms. Turns out your arm bursts into flames. The first one, I can deal with. The second…not so much. [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Beefy Cheesy Glory” Edition

So I opened my hamburger bun yesterday and I saw Jesus’ face, right there in the bun! It was a New Years miracle. Oh, and he was delicious. [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic…Wins???

I have never had any shortage of church sign fails, but since I’m in the throes of Advent, I’m feeling particularly magnanimous. So I thought I’d share some particularly awesome sings with you this week. And yeah, it’s also a little bit of penance since I’m two days late getting these out. #PiattFail [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Grandpa Ape” Edition

In honor of World AIDS Day, we have a particularly gay array of signage today. Who’s ready to get their intolerance on???   [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Rapture Hatch” Edition

I lived my whole live trying to follow Jesus, but when the rapture came, I got all tangled up in my attic insulation. D’OH!!!   [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Too Long to Be Wrong” Edition

Once upon a time there was a Christian who thought he was wrong about something, but it turns out he was mistaken… [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Morally Bankrupt” Edition

I was worried about building up interest on my sin account, then I checked the fine print. Turns out, as long as you pay them all off by the due date every month, you’re all good. [Read more…]