Church Sign Epic Fails, “Apocalypse Now” Edition

Good thing is you don't have to give any offering at this church, seein' how they ain't gonna be around to pay rent next month. That landlord's such a sucker!

I’ve heard Christians talk about “end times” my whole life, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe God-time is like the last two minutes of a football game… Church Sign Epic Fails, “Mormons Rock” Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, “Family Values” Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, “Pass the Ammo” Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, “We Serve [Read More...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Birthday Edition

Could someone please take them aside and explain Protestantism 101? Oh, and please cover grammar while you're at it.

So yeah, it’s my birthday, and that really doesn’t have anything to do with church signs. But hey, I gotta call it something, right??? [Read more...]

Church Sign Epic Location Fails (Vol. 29)

Gotta give the shout-out for Labor Day, yo.

This week we’re featuring a handful of victims of geographic circumstance. Some churches are established in towns whose names should never appear on a church sign, and yet here they are… Church Sign Epic Fails, WTF Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume 27 Church Sign Epic Fails: Faith vs Reason Throwdown Church Sign Epic Fails, [Read More...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol XXIV

Mom, mom, can I PLEEEEASE go to that church Sunday?

For all you Arabic number snobs, that’s volume 24 of your favorite cringeworthy church signs. Order up!!! Church Sign Epic Fails, Christian T-Shirt Edition Church Sign Epic Fails: “Festival of Tolerance” Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume XXI Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume Twenty Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume Nineteen Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume [Read More...]

Top Five Stories of the Month


Each month, I like to look back over the past thirty days or so to see what people are most interested in on the blog. Though I wish I could say I understand the trends, I’m still surprised by something, every time. On the awesome side of the news, traffic on the blog jumped to [Read More...]

Four More (BIG) Reasons Young Adults Quit Church


There has been a surprisingly positive response to the article I published yesterday called “Seven Reasons Why Young Adults Quit Church.” And as I noted, it was hardly a comprehensive list. There were several others I thought were worth noting if I’d had the room, so I thought I’d continue with the same theme today. [Read More...]

Seven Reasons Why Young Adults Quit Church

From time to time I revisit the question: why are young adults walking away from religion? Although the answer(s) vary from person to person, there are some general trends that I think apply in most cases. In the list below, when I refer to “we,” “I” or “me,” I’m referring to younger adults in general, [Read More...]

Worship, Evangelism and “Earning the Right” to Invite

Those of us who are involved in church are well-trained to invite people to worship. We find ways to bring up in conversation how great our music is, how compelling the sermons are and how children are involved in our ministry. Part of this is driven by the desire to grow the church, but there’s [Read More...]