Are the Culture Wars Real? A Case for Heresy

Growing up, I heard things at camp and in youth group about how “the world” thought and acted one way, and how “we” were not like that. In fact the world, it seemed, was intent on unraveling everything I valued as good and true, leaving me with a smoldering pile of ideals and beliefs, all [Read More…]

“GET OUT”: Rick Santorum’s Christian Exceptionalism

On March 19th, Rick Santorum was canvassing Louisiana in an attempt to woo voters when he accepted an invitation to speak at Greenwell Springs Baptist Church in Baton Rouge. He was introduced by Pastor Dennis E. Terry who delivered what has since become an infamous sermon as an introduction for Santorum. There are so many [Read More…]

Rick Santorum: Champion of the Secular Left

Every time Rick Santorum speaks, a secular democrat gets his wings. Yes, I know there are three other GOP candidates in the race, but as a theological writer also interested in politics, there is none more fascinating than Santorum. A lifelong Catholic, the senator has only come into his theocratic, social conservative voice in recent [Read More…]

Point of Grace cheapens the word “Grace”

A church called Point of Grace in Iowa that was renting off-site office space to a day care center has taken a rather radical turn. Ironically, it appears they’re offering anything but grace to those who toe the moral line. The Church administration that owned the property abruptly called staff and parents of Happy Time [Read More…]