NEW PODCAST: Time, Death and the Brain

I just posted my new podcast, “Time, Death and the Brain”
Let me know what you think.
Christian [Read more…]

Two New Podcasts: WTF Chat, parts 1 & 2

Parts one and two of my three-episode chat with Brandon Gilvin, my co-creator and co-editor of the WTF? (Where’s the Faith?) young adult books series are now posted. Episode one is about the context of Young Adult culture in today’s culture and a bit about how in the hell we were ever given the opportunity to create a book series together. [Read more…]

Why standardized testing in our schools SUCKS

In general, the sentiment toward standardized tests in public schools is negative, but the problem is most folks agree we should have some sort of accountability for student achievement; the problem is that no one seems to have a clue about how to make the tests better. [Read more…]

NewSpin Column – April PULP

Why Pueblo can become the Green Capital of Colorado, and how our school superintendent has rendered himself impotent. [Read more…]