Two Friars, a Fool, a Book and a Beer

Many thanks to Two Friars and a Fool for sharing their own thoughts on BANNED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BIBLE. These guys are an unruly band of theologians who enjoy pub-style discourse over all things faith-related. When they asked me to share something about the new book for their forum, I was naturally happy to oblige. [Read More…]

Book offers answers to “Banned” Biblical Questions

By LORETTA SWORD | Local author and musical pastor Christian Piatt’s latest book delivers answers to questions many Christians likely have pondered but never asked anyone aloud. “Banned Questions about the Bible” shares responses from more than a dozen contributors — a recovering consumer, a religious satirist and a seminary president among them — [Read More…]

BANNED QUESTION: Are some sins worse or better than others?

Are some sins worse or better than others? (From the book, BANNED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BIBLE by Chalice Press, edited by Christian Piatt. Order either BANNED QUESTIONS book on the Chalice Press website during the month of March, enter the promotional code “BANNEDMAR” at checkout and receive a 40% discount.) Nadia Bolz-Weber: It’s important to [Read More…]


Dig the video I made about my upcoming book, BANNED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BIBLE: [Read more…]

Love Wins: A God of grace for all

I was psyched when Jarrod McKenna, one of the contributors to the forthcoming BANNED QUESTIONS book series, told me her had an interview of Rob Bell appearing on ABC Australia’s news site about Rob’s new book, LOVE WINS: Heaven, Hell and the Fate of Every Person who Ever Lived. My initial excitement had to do [Read More…]

BANNED QUESTION #2: Aren’t women treated badly in the Bible?

I’ve added a new podcast related to the BANNED QUESTIONS book series. This podcast deals with the following question: Aren’t women treated poorly throughout the bible? Why would any intelligent modern woman today even want to read the bible? (CLICK HERE): Christian Piatt Author Podcast You can still get the 40% “author” discount on pre-orders [Read More…]

BANNED discount and BIG endorsements

Thanks much to everyone who has pre-ordered either/both of the BANNED QUESTIONS books. Sales are very good so far! And just as a reminder, you can still get 40% off of unlimited copies of both books (same discount Chalice Press authors get) from now through February 28th. Just go to, search for the BANNED [Read More…]

NEW PODCAST: Banned Question #1

This podcast explores the first question presented in the forthcoming book, BANNED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BIBLE: Can I be a Christian if I don’t believe the Bible is perfect, handed down directly from God to humanity without error? To receive a 40% discount on pre-orders of both upcoming Banned Questions books, visit, keyword search [Read More…]