Do we even need religion any more?

Do we even need religion any more? By Christian Piatt (Originally published in PULP) It’s no secret that organized religion in America has slipped dramatically in the public eye during the past several decades. Though just as many people claim to have some sort of faith in a higher power, since the 1970s we’ve witnessed [Read More…]

NEW PODCAST: Privilege, Power, Politics and Peace

The following is an edited-down version of the keynote lecture I gave to the Young Adults Disciples gathering in Las Vegas in October, 2010. The message discusses privilege, what it means to be white, the nature of violence, and how we can creatively respond to systems of oppression and injustice without responding in kind with [Read More…]

Doing Nothing Does Something

I picked up a book recently by Walter Wink, one of my preferred theologians when it comes to putting action behind the rhetoric of faith. I have yet to read anything by Wink that has not rocked my world and caused me to reevaluate pretty much everything from my beliefs to the way I express them in daily life. His book, “Jesus and Nonviolence: A Third Way,” was no exception. [Read more…]

Chieftain article about my books with Chalice Press

WHERE’S THE FAITH ? New series of books tackles questions, issues that challenge young Christians CHIEFTAIN PHOTO/JOHN JAQUES Pueblo author Christian Piatt talks about a series of books he is collaborating on with a variety of authors from throughout the country. Have you ever questioned the believability of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ? Ever [Read More…]

My first author video: We’re ALL Social Justice Christians

Different people have lots of different definitions of what justice means, but ALL Christians are social justice Christians. Check out the first video on my author Youtube channel: [Read more…]

Milagro’s Easter Worship Service (Podcast)

We have folks ask us all the time what worship is like at Milagro. And although we usually podcast Amy’s sermons on the church podcast, we don’t usually record the whole service. But since it was Easter, we decided to do the whole thing, edited down for time, and share it. [Read more…]

Rob Bell’s “Resurrection”

how would you not be overwhelmed with despair?
is the world ultimately a cold, hard, dead place?
does death have the last word? [Read more…]

God’s Power: Wrath or Restraint?

When I was younger, there were many stories in the Bible that freaked me out. While the Sunday School classroom walls were covered with cute arks and animals walking two-by-two, the subtext is about an angry God exacting cataclysm on nearly every living . Is this really a kid’s story? Then we have David killing Goliath with a rock, people being thrown into pits of lions, tossed into ovens … it’s enough to give a kid nightmares, especially if the lesson taken from the tales is “straighten up or God will make you dead meat.” [Read more…]