Church Sign Epic Fails: Volume Fifteen

Three hands worth of bad church sign posts and they just seem to keep on coming…     Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume Fourteen Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume Thirteen (Apparently either I can’t count or I have an unconscious resentment toward the number twelve.) Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Eleven Church Sign Epic Fails, [Read More…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Three

Can’t get enough of the bad church signs. There are just so many of them… [Read more…]

Church Sign Epic Fails

There are plenty of websites that generate fake church signs, but thankfully there are still more than enough real examples of church messages that can evoke emotions across the spectrum. I’ve collected a few of my favorites here and thought I’d share. I’ve passed on all of the cliche ones like “God answers knee-mail’ and [Read More…]