SNAP / Food Stamp Challenge, Day 4: Piatt FAIL

lab accident

I don’t mind failing as much as I do admitting I’ve failed. And technically, we haven’t blown the SNAP Challenge just yet, but I know for a fact we will by the end of the week. I went to the store last night for another loaf of bread and a frozen pizza for dinner, which I [Read More...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Six

Claims based on personal experience?

Serving up your Sunday edition of really bad church signage. Church sign epic fails, part five Church sign epic fails, part four Church sign epic fails, part three More church sign epic fails Church sign epic fails [Read more...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Four

I'm pretty sure I could take that devil. Maybe I'll sleep in Sunday and find out.

What good is life if we can’t laugh at ourselves a little? Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Three More Church Sign Epic Fails Church Sign Epic Fails [Read more...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Three

Must be a postmodern Christian church

Can’t get enough of the bad church signs. There are just so many of them… [Read more...]

More Church Sign Epic Fails


The bad church signs were quite a hit last week, so I thought I’d share some more of my favorites. And if you didn’t see the first batch of bad signs, check them out here. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Anyone who can guess what part of the [Read More...]

Dust In the Wind: A Lenten Tribute (Fashion FAIL)

A ruffled-tuxedo, big-fro, cho-mo, super-bangs reminder of what Ash Wednesday is all about. I actually did this song with Michael Collins, an old friend of mine, at a high school talent show, but there’s NO WAY we were this awesome. And by awesome, I mean reminiscent of a troupe of mutant circus freaks. [Read more...]

Church Sign Epic Fails

god will get you

There are plenty of websites that generate fake church signs, but thankfully there are still more than enough real examples of church messages that can evoke emotions across the spectrum. I’ve collected a few of my favorites here and thought I’d share. I’ve passed on all of the cliche ones like “God answers knee-mail’ and [Read More...]