Being Bad at Doing Good

The following is an excerpt from my weekly Heretic’s Guide to the Bible study. To read more, and to take part in the conversation, CLICK HERE, or on the Heretic’s Guide banners above or below the text. I spend a lot of time talking to people about what it means to be a Christian. Of [Read More…]

I’m Awesomely Humble!

This reflection is part of a larger weekly lectionary study, called Heretic’s Guide to the Bible.  Click the link or the banners above or below to learn more. Amy once offered a sermon on humility at our former Church in Colorado. One guy, who I’ll call Hector, always had something interesting to say in response [Read More…]

Elijah to the Baalites: “Your God Sucks!” (Heretic’s Guide Sampler)

Bible Cliff’s Notes (My dog ate my Bible!) First Reading 1 Kings 18:20-21, (22-29), 30-39 Elijah challenges the prophets of the god Baal to a standoff. Both will prepare offerings to their gods, and will call on them to consume the offerings with fire. Baal does nothing, much to the chagrin of his prophets, but [Read More…]

Five Reasons Why Failure is Awesome

When I was in preschool, I was insanely jealous of the kids who were given speaking parts in the Christmas play. I actually “repeated” preschool because I was too young for Kindergarten after year one, so I figured at least by the time I was a red-shirt preschooler, I’d get more props. No luck. First year, [Read More…]