Drone Warfare, Rogue Cops and Parenting Fails (Homebrewed CultureCast)

After hearing an anecdote about Christian’s massive parenting fail (which cost him $75), we welcome our guest, Ian Ebright, a contributor to Relevant Magazine and Red Letter Christians, and founder of Broken Telegraph. He is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for From the Sky, a film on the Christian perspective of drone warfare, so he’s an [Read More...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Apocalypse Now” Edition

Good thing is you don't have to give any offering at this church, seein' how they ain't gonna be around to pay rent next month. That landlord's such a sucker!

I’ve heard Christians talk about “end times” my whole life, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe God-time is like the last two minutes of a football game… Church Sign Epic Fails, “Mormons Rock” Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, “Family Values” Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, “Pass the Ammo” Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, “We Serve [Read More...]

VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “Mormons Rock” Edition

cdp head shot

Why video? Because sometimes reading can make your brain really hurt! Let me break it down for ya… [Read more...]

Sarah Thebarge, Super Bowl, Top Beers and Beyonce’s “Softcore Porn”

It’s a Homebrewed CultureCast post-Super Bowl spectacular! In the intro, Jordan (you know what? I’m typing this, so I should stop talking in the third person) discusses the top contenders for the Willamette Week’s Top 10 Oregon Beers, so that’s a definite listen for beer nerds. Later, Portland author/really smart person Sarah Thebarge stops in to [Read More...]

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Mormons Rock” Edition

Cute kid, and I think he's right. Romney does basically rock like a Mormon...which is kinda why he lost.

Klaus Mein, lead singer of the Scorpions, slapped his balding forehead when he saw this post. Who needs “Rock You Like a Hurricane” when you can Rock like a Mormon??? [Read more...]

VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “Pass the Ammo” Edition

cdp ammo mug

Every time someone laughs at a Church Sign Epic Fails video, a heretic gets his wings… VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “We Serve Minors” Edition VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “God Likes Weed” Edition VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “Big Ass” Edition “Satan’s Graffiti” VIDEO Edition of Church Sign Epic Fails “Beer in Hell” VIDEO [Read More...]

I’m an A-hole Dad

(From my memoir, PregMANcy: A Dad, a Little Dude and a Due Date, on faith, fatherhood and family) Mattias: “Dad, I forgive you.” Me: “But I didn’t do anything wrong.” Mattias: “That’s okay. I forgive you anyway.” -Mattias, 5 years, 1 month I’m a big, gigantic jerk of a dad. My son, Mattias, is a charmer. [Read More...]

New Sincerity, Hating to Love Mark Driscoll & Gun Control


Today’s guest on the Homebrewed CultureCast is Jonathan Fitzgerald, editor of Patrol and Not Your Mother’s Morals: How the New Sincerity is Changing Pop Culture for the Better. Jonathan explains the philosophy of New Sincerity, discussing the impact Christianity has had on the movement, and why, even if it’s temporary, we should enjoy it while [Read More...]