Following Up on the Mefferd/Driscoll Interview and My Blog Post

Never, in my wildest imagination, did I think that the thing I’d get the most criticism for in recent memory was for writing something in defense of Mark Driscoll. I guess this goes to show that, with God, all things really are possible! That said, there are so many strong emotions that revolve around Pastor [Read More…]

Mark Driscoll’s Plagiarism Witch Hunt

Read a follow-up to this piece HERE. Yes, I know it is Thanksgiving. So maybe I am feeling a little bit more generous than usual. But even I am not beyond offering some grace and compassion toward Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll,  especially when I think he is being treated unfairly. My wife, Amy, likened [Read More…]

“Open Homosexuality,” Prostitution and Tony Perkins’ Moral Slippery Slope

Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, appeared on Janet Mefferd‘s Christian radio show recently and offered what shocked many, though it probably shouldn’t have. The surprise came when Perkins drew a correlation between the repeal of the Military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law and the recent Secret Service scandal involving agents hiring prostitutes [Read More…]