Bananas: The Atheist’s Nightmare

Thanks to Jess, a young woman in my Banned Questions Sunday school class, for passing this fairly priceless video along to me. We were having a conversation about the potential complementary nature of Biblical creation stories and a theory of evolution, given the proper contextual appreciation for Biblical narrative, and she offered this gem, once [Read More…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Advent Onslaught (Video)

I’m still not exactly sure how Kirk Cameron worked his way into my Church signs video, but we can all be thankful, regardless.   [Read more…]

Morality, Money and “Two and a Half Men”

First of all, when does the kid on “Two and a Half Men” stop being counted as half of a person? I mean, the kid is nineteen years old and he appears to be as tall as I am. Who knows? Maybe John Cryer is actually the half now. Anyhoo… The interwebs are all abuzz [Read More…]

Top Christian Sterotypes of 2011

This has been quite a year for Christians. Actually, it’s been more of a year of prominent Christian stereotypes, but they’ve been entertaining if nothing else. So I thought for my final post of the year that I might share my “favorite” Christian stereotypes of the year. The Glad-Handler Not to be mistaken for any [Read More…]