Jesus Phelps: Why Miracles Aren’t Enough

I was fascinated by Jesus’ miracles as a kid. I pictured him alongside the Green Lantern and Batman stickers, adorning my canary yellow toy box. There he’d be, fists on his hips, a giant, red “J” on his chest and his long, blond locks, flowing in the wind. It’s Super-Jesus! The older I’ve gotten, the [Read More…]

God Loves Losers: Reflections on the Olympics

I’m an Olympics junkie. Not only that, but I’m also  most ardently pro-American when watching them. My wife, Amy, and I were watching synchronized platform diving two nights ago (honestly, when else would we do that??) and she said she was kind of pulling for the team from Mexico to medal, even though it might mean pushing the [Read More…]