Church 2.0: Spider vs. Starfish (part two)

Author Christian Piatt discusses the difference between a 1.0 “spider” church and a 2.0 “starfish” church. [Read more…]

My Faith Story (new podcast)

This is an audio chapter excerpt from my book, MySpace to Sacred Space. In this episode, I talk about my own relationship with faith, religion and God, and all the ups, downs and revelations in between. [Read more…]

Church 2.0: Spider vs. Starfish (Part one)

Written and posted originally on  NewsMuse, the DisciplesWorld blog. I’ve been asked a number of times to speak to various churches and other leadership groups about young adults, their relationship to organized religion, and their take on – and use of – technology. Unfortunately, church and technology tend to generally mix about as well as [Read More…]