Banned Questions About Christians: The Contributors

Banned Q Christian 100CLR_re

I am excited about, and very proud of, the coming release of the third book in my “Banned Questions” series, Banned Questions About Christians.  in a recent blog post, I listed the 50 questions my team of respondents and I take on in this volume. In this post, I’m pleased to share the names and [Read More...]

Subverting the Norm II: Can Postmodern Theology Live in the Churches?

Subverting the Norm II

I’m taking an early Spring Break this week and will be running a guest blogger series featuring some of my favorite writers. Today meet writer, speaker and pastor, the Rev. Dr. Phil Snider.       Those who follow me on Twitter can pretty much attest to the fact that I am incredibly excited about [Read More...]

Did Jesus Ever Sin?


Most Christians’ first reaction to this question is to answer this with a resounding “Of course not!” After all, he was the Son of God; he had to be blameless in order to be the perfect sacrifice…right? But what if we consider Jesus crucifixion and resurrection differently? Many today believe Jesus died because of the sins of [Read More...]

It’s Not All Going to Be Okay, and That’s Okay


I get asked sometimes why I spend so much time critiquing the church from the inside. Why offer up strange church signs rather than walking away from the religion that churns them out? Why point out the oft-employed cliches of Christianity, rather than simply coming to terms with the fact that words mean different things [Read More...]

Rev. Phil Snider, LGBT Rights and Going Viral (CultureCast)


Over the weekend, our friend Phil Snider had the unexpected pleasure of going viral. Not him personally, really, but a video he appeared in this past August snatched more than 2.5 million views after Gawker picked it up. Phil is a Disciples of Christ pastor in Springfield, MO, and he was speaking on behalf of LGBT rights [Read More...]

Did Jesus Have to Die to Save Us from Sin?

One of the cornerstones in the belief of many Christians is that “Jesus died for our sins.” However, I often struggled with this idea on many levels. Why would a God of peace, love and mercy require blood atonement? Didn’t Jesus forgive sin before his death? And doesn’t this, in some ways, put the power [Read More...]

Belief in Jesus: The Only Way to Heaven?

Following is one of the more interesting questions posed in Banned Questions About Jesus. This one verse from the Gospel of John is the subject of much controversy and, for some, no small amount of pain and confusion. So in the book, I asked several contributors to offer their thoughts, including Phil Snider, Chris Haw [Read More...]

Banned Questions series set for July 20th & 27th at Brentwood (via Brentwood Christian Church)

Here’s the article about a series this congregation is doing with BANNED QUESTIONS, culminating with a discussion I’ll join in at their church in Springfield next Wednesday, the 27th. Check it out! Might give you some ideas of what you can be doing too. All of us have questions, we just aren’t always sure we [Read More...]