Fence-Sitters and Boundary-Pushers: A Postmodern Reflection

My mom always loved gardening, but rarely had time for it in our two-career household. In her retirement to West Texas, though, she’s taken to it with a passion. She posts photos of her recent yields, be they impressive or pathetic. Today, she shared a photo that speaks volumes in metaphor. Her caption which got [Read More…]

VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “We Serve Minors” Edition

Here’s the latest video edition of all the church signs that make you laugh, cry, cringe and maybe throw up in your mouth a little bit. VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “God Likes Weed” Edition VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “Big Ass” Edition “Satan’s Graffiti” VIDEO Edition of Church Sign Epic Fails “Beer in Hell” [Read More…]