My Fascination with the Amish Mafia

Three nights ago, I awoke to four words that portend nothing good in the family’s future. They came from sweet little Zoe, who stood by the side of my bed, staring at me through the dark with those big, four-year-old eyes. “Daddy,” she said, “I threw up.” The bug quickly made the rounds through the [Read More…]

Longing for the Unreachable God

I’ve wrestled for years with a Christian faith that focuses on personal salvation, on many levels, some of which I’m still excavating. First, the emphasis on individual salvation always seemed ironically selfish for a faith that seemed otherwise to be about putting yourself second to others. I also struggled with the idea that Christianity is [Read More…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol. (x = 40-3)

If’n you cant figger out the title of this here post, you done skipped algebra… Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol. 36 Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol. XXXV Church Sign Epic Fails, Birthday Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, Reader Submissions (Part 2) Church Sign Epic Fails: Reader Submission Special Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, Miraculous Mashup [Read More…]

Five New Christian Cliches to Avoid

To learn about Christian Piatt’s new project, “A**hole Christian Survival Guide,” and to pre-order your copy, CLICK HERE. The humorous illustrated book will include these and other Christian cliches, games and a lot more.  I was pretty amazed by the popularity of the first lists of Christian clichés I created (linked at the bottom of this article). [Read More…]

Homebrewed CultureCast is Blowing Up – HELP!

Homebrewed Christianity CultureCast is listed today as “New and Noteworthy” in religion podcasts…This is a big opportunity for us to gain some serious traffic, but we need help! Please go to this link, rank it, share a review and subscribe. If it gains traction, it could have a chance to blow up. According to Tripp [Read More…]

Is the Future of Church in Fantasy Faith Leagues?

I used to be in a fantasy league, but the fanaticism of the whole thing wore me out. The guys would gather online for an evening-long draft event, debate rules ad nauseam and haggle over trades through the wee hours. I considered myself to be a fan, but these guys had practically made, well, a [Read More…]

Church Sign Epic Fails: Faith vs Reason Throwdown

I’m not going to have time to post this tomorrow, so enjoy your Church Sign Epic Fails a little early this week! Today, we have a face-off between faith and reason, as some seem to feel like having both coexist is a physical impossibility. So with a few others thrown in for a little spice, [Read More…]

Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume 25

That’s right, we’ve reached the quarter-of-a-hundred mark with our church sign posts. And you know what that means…do you? Seriously, because I have no clue. Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol XXIV Church Sign Epic Fails, Christian T-Shirt Edition Church Sign Epic Fails: “Festival of Tolerance” Edition Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume XXI Church Sign Epic [Read More…]