Can you be both an atheist and a Christian?

I probably sped at least as much time discussing theology with people who claim atheism or agnosticism as I do with other Christians. I tend to prefer it this way. After one of these kinds of chats recently, I started wondering if someone actually could be a Christian, while also not believing in a divine being. It began as a fairly abstract intellectual exercise, but the answer I came up with actually surprised me. [Read more...]

Lent: Celebrating to Common (from the April PULP issue)

I actually had a college student friend of mine say recently that Lent is her favorite time of the Christian year. Whereas days like Christmas and Easter have largely become as commercialized as Valentines or other Hallmark Holidays, Lent actually requires something of us, and causes us to search inward to discern what’s really important in our lives. [Read more...]

New podcast now available in two parts

New podcast available (in two parts): interview with Josh Einsohn, Hollywood casting director, social activist and founder of, a group created in response to the passage of California’s Proposition 8. [Read more...]

When the Worst Brings Out Our Best

I’ve been robbed a couple of times since we moved back to Pueblo, and it never ceases to piss me off. I had the front bumper and the license plates from my old truck taken, along with cash and other stuff, but it was no different in Fort Worth. I lost a few car stereos and an equivalent number of front windows in our few years there. So I don’t hold a particular grudge against the crime here.

Then somebody ripped off the church. [Read more...]

On the economy, faith, consumption and the future

Consumers have built their lifestyles upon debt, as has the government, and the economy, which once was founded upon a production-based system, now relies more on consumption and credit than on making anything.

As a result, we have presidents issuing multi-billion dollar checks and telling us to go buy plasma televisions with them, and even under a democratically-controlled Congress and White House, we end up with a stimulus package, more than forty percent of which is made up of tax cuts.

We talk systemic change and infrastructure, but short-term solutions and personal comfort and security ultimately dominate public policy.

So what now? [Read more...]

Church 2.0: Spider vs. Starfish (part two)

Author Christian Piatt discusses the difference between a 1.0 “spider” church and a 2.0 “starfish” church. [Read more...]

My Faith Story (new podcast)

This is an audio chapter excerpt from my book, MySpace to Sacred Space. In this episode, I talk about my own relationship with faith, religion and God, and all the ups, downs and revelations in between. [Read more...]