VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “Pass the Ammo” Edition

Every time someone laughs at a Church Sign Epic Fails video, a heretic gets his wings… VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “We Serve Minors” Edition VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “God Likes Weed” Edition VIDEO Church Sign Epic Fails, “Big Ass” Edition “Satan’s Graffiti” VIDEO Edition of Church Sign Epic Fails “Beer in Hell” VIDEO [Read More…]

Hating Religion, Loving Jesus: A Well-Meaning False Dichotomy

This week has seen a new viral sensation take over our computer screens. A spoken word artist who goes by the name Bball1989 released a video on Youtube that has, in less than a week, received more than six million hits called “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.” So regardless of what any of [Read More…]

NEW VIDEO: Concert at FCC Granbury, Texas (June, 2010)

My good friend, Shannon Moore, and I got the chance to do a little concert at First Christian Church in Granbury, TX together in June, 2010. Here are some video highlights from that evening. [Read more…]

My first author video: We’re ALL Social Justice Christians

Different people have lots of different definitions of what justice means, but ALL Christians are social justice Christians. Check out the first video on my author Youtube channel: [Read more…]