Does This Describe Your Relationship with Your Guardian Angel?

Credit: “Soup to Nutz” comic strip

About Tony Rossi

After graduating from St. John's University in New York with degrees in Communications and English, Tony Rossi found a job at the Catholic media organization, The Christophers, that allowed him to indulge his interest in religion, media, and pop culture. He served as The Christophers' TV producer for 11 years, and is currently the host and producer of the organization's radio show/podcast Christopher Closeup, writer and editor of their syndicated Light One Candle column, and producer/scriptwriter of the annual Christopher Awards ceremony.

  • Patty

    I have often thought that my original guardian angel had turned in her resignation slip many, many years ago followed by countless of other ones after her. Thankfully they didn’t give up on me!

  • Lyn

    Thanks for the comforting reminder…and also a good chuckle…on a Monday morning. It helps to not take our paths so seriously that we can’t laugh a bit at this crazy thing called life. Laughter heals:)

  • pablo

    My Guardian Angel is as serious as a heart attack.

    When he says “Stop here” I stop immediately and watch a life threatening accident happen right in front of me.

    When he says “Take the wheel” I make whomever I am riding with pull over and let me drive.

    Leaving a Nuclear Power Plant one night, long story short, I forced the carpool drive to hand the keys to me.

    I later swerved at a four-way stop sign and a split second later a Greyhound bus roared right past us going about sixty (he ran the stop). It would have run right over us.

    I did not see him, my Guardian Angel turned the steering wheel.

    Blessed be God in all His Angels and all His Saints.