The Hands of Mother and Child


Singer/songwriter Brooke White facebooked and tweeted this photo of her and her baby daughter London holding hands. It looks like a piece of art that conveys a world of meaning, so I’m re-posting it here. Follow Brooke on Facebook and Twitter. [Read more...]

Brief Thoughts on “American Idol” and “Touch”


1. There was an interesting emotional moment on “American Idol” last night during Stevie Nicks’ mentoring session of contestant Hollie Cavanagh who sang the Carrie Underwood hit “Jesus, Take the Wheel.” During Cavanagh’s first performance of the song, Nicks appeared to sense that the young singer was hitting the notes correctly, but wasn’t genuinely feeling [Read More...]

David Archuleta’s Farewell


Though we practice different faiths, I can’t help but admire David Archuleta’s decision to step away from his singing career for two years in order to be a Mormon missionary and develop his relationship with God. It’s a choice that takes courage and character, especially for someone whose business is in the public eye. Being [Read More...]

The Harmony of ‘Jack and White’


Harmony in modern music – as in modern life – can sometimes be elusive. Thankfully, there are artists like Jack and White (aka Jack Matranga and Brooke White) for whom harmony comes naturally. Though they’re in their twenties, their vocal blends and music are reminiscent of classic acts like the Everly Brothers or the Mamas [Read More...]