Faithfulness in Little Things

“Faithfulness in great things is not uncommon; faithfulness in little things is rare but most indicative of character. Almost any husband would leap into the sea or rush into a burning building to rescue his perishing wife. But to anticipate the convenience or happiness of the wife in some small matter, the neglect of which [Read More...]

The Road Not Taken


In 2008, basketball phenom Elena Delle Donne started attending the University of Connecticut, a decision that would likely have launched her sports career into the stratosphere. Two days later, she moved back to her home state to attend the University of Delaware which was 20 minutes from her family’s home. Her decision surprised many people [Read More...]

Visible Reminders of God’s Grace


You may have heard about a recent court case in which an Oregon couple who gave birth to a daughter with Down syndrome sued their medical center and lab for failing to detect the chromosomal abnormality during the woman’s pregnancy. The couple claim they would have aborted the child if they had known about the [Read More...]

Snow White, Prince Charming, Hearts of Darkness and the Easter Story


In keeping with its pattern of reimagining fairy tales and including new subtexts of morality, Sunday’s “Once Upon a Time” episode, entitled “Heart of Darkness,” addressed some themes relevant to the Easter season – at least for those of us who watch the show with a Judeo-Christian worldview in mind. (Read my previous “Once Upon [Read More...]