The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality

While the Christ Path blog goes through a re-visioning process, we will be sharing some of the thought-provoking videos and articles being published about Occupy Spirituality on the newly-launched Book Deborah Arca's interview with Matthew Fox, for example...(snip)DB ....As you were listening to these young people, and as you know from your own experience, the interspiritual is very important too: that younger people are less concerned about following the doctrines, and less … [Read more...]

But What Appeal Does the Christ Path Have for the Spiritual but Not Religious?

We've heard some inquiries from people who are not walking a Christian or Christ-based path - who identify with other faith traditions, or call themselves "spiritual but not religious," and who are skittish about a workshop identified with Christ in any context.So, we felt it would be good to have a planning team member share her experience as an Earth-based spiritual edgewalker who's clenched her teeth, swearing silently "I will not bolt,  I will not bolt" when she's heard ministers edging … [Read more...]

Just When We Thought We Were Lost,
Young Activists Show Us the Way

I first began to breathe again when I met the young and dedicated organizer of Transition Town Pittsburgh standing in the hallway of my church. He was a recent college graduate, full of wisdom and purpose, and committed to building a new social and economic system based upon local wisdom, talent, and resources. He was preparing for the impending transition to a more manageable society when our oil based economy can no longer be sustained.The community he was describing was so similar to the … [Read more...]