Unveiling Jesus’ Reality: Not the Usual Transcendental Twaddle

This is the human being that is trying to be born in you and me at this moment.  This is the human being that needs to be born at this moment, because otherwise we will be passive and idiotic and comatose in the face of the burning of the world.

Now we will turn to logion 77:  “I am the light which is above them all, I am the all.  The all has come forth from me and all has split open before me.  Lift the stone, you will find me there.  Split the piece of wood, I am there.”In this logion, Jesus speaks of what the supreme divine consciousness will unveil to you about you. He’s speaking in the “I,” but He’s speaking from the “I AM” consciousness, the spacious divine consciousness that pervades the entire Gospel of Thomas.  He is referr … [Read more...]