Bypassing Institution for Essence: Young People Seek a More Authentic Spirituality

"The Occupy generation is being initiated into a new kind of spirituality, one that is ready to replace the God of Religion (or a God of any other morally bankrupt institution) with a God of Life. This spirituality is democratic, transformative, and dedicated to the healing of ourselves and our world. It is an active and all-encompassing spirituality that leaves nothing untouched, but rather it completely transfigures people and society." - Adam Bucko, in Occupy Spirituality

What is the spirituality of the younger generation? Are they falling away from God as they leave the churches, or are they discovering – and creating – a new form of spirituality, one that goes back to the mystical roots of the Church? As we interviewed a wide range of young people in our research for Occupy Spirituality, we found them to be intensely spiritual as mystic activists, with seven common themes showing up among their beliefs and practices. We’ll share these themes over the next po … [Read more...]