All crazy, all the time

What do Donald Trump and the prosperity gospel preachers have in common? [Read more…]

Why Jesus was mad all the time

Is Jesus giving us a green light to blast our opponents? To call people names? To nurse ancient grudges?
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Is self-esteem wrecking church attendance?

A generation bathed in self-esteem is having a hard time integrating into institutional Christianity. [Read more…]

The altar girl controversy

Star of the Sea parish in San Francisco recently pulled the plug on its 20-year-long experiment with altar girls. The media saw this as a simple case of discrimination. But there’s more to the story… [Read more…]

Thanksgiving vs. the outrage machine

The media is becoming one giant, seething outrage machine. It’s making it harder for us to be thankful for all we’ve been given. [Read more…]

We need a national conversation on spanking

Some 90% of parents spank their kids – yet they are given absolutely no instruction on what constitutes a healthy spanking, because the experts tell us there’s no such thing. [Read more…]

Does your pastor fear men?

“I had chosen a career that kept me away from manly things altogether. Eighty percent of my daily interactions were with women—and I liked it that way. In those rare instances when I had to deal with men, there was usually a woman present, which kept me safe.” [Read more…]