Pastors, you should mention ISIS this Sunday

You have an opportunity to use this tragic tale to stir the hearts of your men. [Read more…]

Preaching to fill time

Many a time I’ve heard a pastor make a powerful, life-changing point. I’ve thought to myself, “That’s it! He’s done. I’m ready to respond.” Yet he continues to speak. A sacred moment is lost. [Read more…]

Will individualism kill corporate worship?

If we come together to do our own thing, why even come together? [Read more…]

The Salvation Army’s man problem

Did you realize the Salvation Army is a church? It’s a denomination, just like Baptist or Methodist or Presbyterian. Salvationists hold weekly worship services. They have singing. Sermons. Socializing. But what they don’t have is many men. [Read more…]

Church builds on a military model

It’s led by a general, not a bishop. New members must sign a declaration of faith and practice known as Articles of War. And each member is referred to as a soldier. Sounds like some weird cult, doesn’t it? So what’s the name of this unusual church? [Read more…]

Archery-based church targets men

What happens when you put an archery range inside an abandoned grocery store and call it a church? [Read more…]

Secularists doing the crazy stuff Christians used to do

Christians used to do some pretty crazy stuff. But in the past few years I’ve noticed the tables turning — secularists are now doing the nutty things religious zealots used to do. [Read more…]