I’ve finally found the perfect church

Perfect church

After years of searching I’ve finally found the perfect church. Let me tell you about it. [Read more...]

Why Prominent Christian Men are Abandoning the Local Church


Many of society’s most prominent Christian men don’t go to church at all, according to Dr. Michael Lindsay, who interviewed 360 of America’s best-known evangelicals, 90 percent of whom were men. [Read more...]

Christian Exceptionalism and Men

Christ on Cross

No doctrine makes us more noxious to non-believers than the belief that Christians are the only ones going to heaven. [Read more...]

Our Grandfather, which art in Heaven

God In Heaven

Do you believe in the real God? Or have you created a fantasy god inside your head? [Read more...]

Stogies for Jesus

Cigar 2b

“Men having a cigar, discussing Godly principles, and encouraging each other.” [Read more...]