Two questions every pastor should answer

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All crazy, all the time

What do Donald Trump and the prosperity gospel preachers have in common? [Read more…]

Do you worship your pastor?

I’ve talked to a lot of guys who’ve quit going to church. Their reasons vary, but a significant number fell away when they became disenchanted with their preacher. [Read more…]

Andy Stanley’s real errors

To his credit, Stanley quickly apologized for disparaging small churches. But his comment was based on two other questionable assumptions. [Read more…]

Why is church attendance declining – even among committed Christians?

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Help me reinvent the men’s retreat (part 2 of 3)

The most valuable thing a man can take away from a retreat is a group of men he continues to hang out with after the retreat is over. [Read more…]

Motivate men — promise risk and reward

Jesus did not shy away from the promise of reward. He did not worry that he might appeal to the flesh. He showed us that it’s perfectly healthy to motivate men by helping them understand the rewards they accumulate when they serve the kingdom of God. [Read more…]